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Discover the new website flat design in Singapore

Do you want your website visitors to experience a transformation in user interface? Then invest in the new flat design for your website. Break from the old and conventional design, and witness more traffic with the new, precise and exciting flat design. The combination of striking typography and vivid colors will most certainly attract audiences. Learn the concepts of flat design now and incorporate it today with the best web design company in Singapore. After all, industry leaders like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are using it already.


What it actually is

Thought to be a relative of the minimalism approach, the flat design is a bit more sophisticated yet handy. It transforms a cluttered website into simplicity, clarity, and crispness. One of its main goals is to stop disguising screen limitations and embrace them instead. Another objective is to streamline web designs using the new-found straightforwardness.

There is a problem with the current approach synonymous with Apple products. Firstly, the designers struggle to illustrate icons as life-like. For example, the clock on the desktop has a second hand that has an irritating movement.

Similarly, it is harder to read the analogue clocks than it is their digital counterpart. Instead of keying the buttons of a calculator, users find trouble clicking the buttons on the screen with a mouse. Evidently, the irrelevance of the digital formats informed the making of the new flat design phenomenon.

Characteristics of the flat design

  1.    The approach does away with unreasonable dimensionality. You will not see the undesirable bevel edges, icon shadows, textured backgrounds, and gradients.
  2.    It embraces sharp-cornered color fields.
  3.    It enhances creativity and functionalism for web designers.
  4.    The idea utilizes valuable screen space effectively.

Benefits of a flat design

  •         It is easy for readers to understand the content of your website.
  •         Visitors can immediately interact with the icons, graphics, and special features.
  •         The user interface is concise and brilliant yet appealing to the eye.
  •         It minimizes the typical time wasted in navigation.

No matter how digital the world becomes, you may never achieve total 3-D visualization on a computer screen. After all, the digital designs come with their fair share of drawbacks, in the form of deceptive ornamentation. On the other hand, a flat design brings beauty and unrivaled user friendliness. Using a flat one page design ensures exciting experience for you and your audiences.


While some people have dismissed the phenomenon as an aesthetic trend, it promises to stick around for many years to come. As a designer, do not use flat design on every website. Instead, select the projects whose details fit effortlessly together. You do not want to use the approach on a sophisticated website.