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How to Enjoy The Kentucky Wildcats Men’s Basketball Game to the Fullest

How to Enjoy The Kentucky Wildcats Men’s Basketball Game to the Fullest

Watching your favourite team play live in the court could be the unmatchable fun. However, when you are going to see UK wildcats Basketball match there are a few things to consider to ensure your experience is even more enjoyable. Also, there are some ways to save money as well. Take a look.

Buy tickets from a trusted source

The very first thing you need to do is buy the tickets for the game. It is quite likely that you might be looking for the tickets online. While searching for the best deals and discounts, you might come across some fraudulent websites as well. These sites sell counterfeit tickets by offering some unbelievable discounts. If it seems too good to be true then very likely it is. There is a minimum you have to pay for the tickets. This is why it is advisable that you buy only from the reputed websites such as You will have the peace of mind that you have bought genuine tickets.

Drink before the game

If you are someone who enjoys drinking, it is best to drink before the game. The beers cost you way more inside the court than outside. However, if you still have to, buy only a couple of beers. But this is assuming that you are on a budget. If you plan to splurge, do it. After all, it is the matter of personal preference.

Eat before as well

The food may not cost as much but it is not always the best. Therefore, if you do not want to end up eating some substandard sandwiches it is best to eat before the game from outside. It is also fine to stick to some of the regulars such as nachos or pretzels.

Taking Pictures

Since we all have high quality cameras integrated to our smart phones, the temptation to take pictures at all times is a little difficult to resist. But you may have noticed that in order to take pictures you have to divert the focus away from the real thing. If you want to completely enjoy the game then do not be too bothered about taking lots of pictures. Take a few pictures before the start of the game when the players are warming up. You can take a snap or two in the middle of the game and probably more generously after the game has ended.

Don’t stand up for too long

It is quite natural to feel the excitement during the game. This excitement also makes you unconsciously stand up. In fact, it is pretty okay to stand up. However, don’t keep standing up for a long time. You will block the view of the people who are sitting behind you. Do not be completely conscious of standing up but just be considerate enough to know that other people have also paid money for the view of the game.

If someone is trying to irritate you or passing comments, simply ignore them. You don’t have to give in to their taunting. This is the part of the game.