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How to Fix or Improve the Speed of Home Fiber Optic Internet?

Since the recent years, optical fibers have been increasingly used for deploying families’ internet. Fiber optic internet can easily offer higher bandwidth and performance based on optic fibers, and to accomplish and ensure that good performance, some optical devices are required to be involved and interconnected with each other in a family network such as fiber optic modem, router, and fiber optic cables and so on.
There is an issue that happened often to either traditional copper network or fiber optic network, that is the network speed gets slow at times or as time goes by, most people are not able to fix it at home because they even don’t know the causes that slow the network except for the online rush time like weekend days or off-work time, so I will give some useful ideas and instructions about the reasons for this issue and how to fix it.

What causes the network slower?
The reasons for slowing down the network are not easy to find out, we need to do some trails with all the related hardware and software. And if you don’t want to pay for a technical support, you need do that at home by yourself. So, let’s be aware of all possible causes for the slow network.
1. Malware
Malware is a more likely reason for a sudden network slowing. Because malware would make computer full of virus, which can promptly occupy the bandwidth of network. So the first thing is recommended to check the health of all the applications and storage in your computer.
2. Fiber optic modem or router
Fiber optic modem or router is an essential part for home fiber optic internet. To take the most advantage of bandwidth of fiber optic cables, a high-performance router is necessary and important. Besides, the environment where router is installed also matters, because the interface of router is the key point that fiber outputs signal. If the interface gets moist or dust, it is more likely to cause signal loss or other faults. All in all, investing a good router, your network would make difference.

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3. Optical fiber
Fiber cable is not allowed to be bent or fold, it is easily broken because it’s made up of glass fiber. So make sure the optical fiber is not bent. In addition, the quality of fiber optic cable used is quite crucial, especially the interface or connector of fiber optic cable. Even there are many cheap fiber optic cables supplied in the market, but for the better and longer use, it is recommended to buy the standard products from the reputable fiber optic providers, like cozlink.

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4. Computer
Network slowing is also related to the computer configuration. What inside an old computer was equipped gets gradually out of fashion and it would slow the computer to response and work, so even you are equipped with a 100M bandwidth, your computer will not be capable of handling it. In this condition, you are just suggested to change a new one computer.
5. Internet service provider
If all possible reasons are checked and found without problem, you should consider to consult and verify if the network service you bought is true or from reputable provider. There are a large number of profiteers in the market to promote their network service with a quite lower price and unrealistic advertisement, in this case the bandwidth you get actually is not what they promote, and even much lower than that. So the channel of network providers is as important as the fiber optic products which are the base of high performance of a network.

What else to do for improving your fiber optic network?
With the popularity of fiber optic communication, there are a lot of reliable providers in Shen zhen, China dedicated to do research on fiber optic products and technology, and provide effective solution and improvement to fiber optic network with onsite cabling investigation and troubleshooting by professional technicians. Cozlink is one of them which are famous for their reliable quality and professional service.

Network speed is one of the most important part in the fiber optic network construction, also it is the point that all people and enterprises most care when they plan to deploy fiber optic network because it affects greatly the operation of whole network. Therefore, a set of high-performance fiber optic products and a reliable network service provider, both of them are super important to make you gain a better experience from others.