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7 Reasons How the iPhone Beats the Android

7 Reasons How the iPhone Beats the Android

In today’s market, there are plenty of Android phones with highly advanced features. Most of the audience prefers Android phones, because of the varieties in its design or features.

But when it comes to advance technology, the iPhone beats the Android.

Well here are some noted qualities of iPhone that beats the android phone in every aspect.

Faster in Speed

The processing speed of the iPhone has no more words. It is also found that iPhone just takes 39 seconds for video edit while Android takes 2.5 minutes to do that.

Best Integration of Hardware and Software

There is a number of examples that show Apple is going the whole widgets very quickly. Probably there are things that can only Apple can only pull before anyone can else. The latest example is Face ID, which helps you to do secure login into via scanning your face. Although other companies have attempted this didn’t end up with good results.

Another example of proper working of Hardware and software is Animoji and Memoji,

Easy in Use

iPhone secures its place when it comes to easy use. It’s easy to pick it up, turn it on, and touch to open the application. Siri and control centers both count under the enhancement of Apple.

iOS 11, enables us to edit the live photos, do the payments in the messages applications and proper organization of the files.

With the introduction of iOS 12, it involves shortcuts like Siri shortcuts, its suggestions, or some other enhancements.

Best Application Experience

Both Android and iPhone have a number of the application. But it doesn’t stop the race because still, iPhone jumps over being chosen for the hottest applications.

Android has numerous other applications but the iPhone is still the king.

Have a Sound Working with the Macs

If you are not well aware of the working of Macs, you will be surprised by this fact that how well iPhone works with the Macs.

For a moment, your Mac book allows to share the messages, receive calls and send messages, by keeping your iPhone within the range. Its Airdrop feature is more efficient, it allows the easy transfer of photos, and videos over Wi-Fi from the iPhone to the Macbook.

Its iCloud keeps everything in a synchronized manner, either these are photos or documents.

The Best Method for Payment

Apart from Android pay or Samsung pay, Apple Pay is still the best method of payment. On the iPhone now it becomes easy to do payments.

Best iPhone Repair Services

Apple works to ensure the quality of its customers. Its service centers are well equipped with all the experts. You don’t have to bother for that company or store from which you purchased your iPhone. Any nearby Apple store is comfortable for you and provide you a reasonable iPhone repair price.

You can also visit any iPhone repair shop.


In many aspects the iPhone has better qualities than the Android phone. Choosing the iPhone over Android is a smart choice that leads to easy and smooth processing until you use your iPhone.