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Company registration process: a complete guide

If we talk about establishing a business or company then undoubtedly there can be no better country like Singapore. Singapore is one of the best countries that have a strong trading reputation because of its excellent tax laws and flexible property laws. Majority of people in today’s time opt for the private limited companies to treat their business with the best.

It won’t be wrong saying that setting up a private limited company is always a favourable option to choose as it guarantees with the best amazing profitable outcomes. Both foreign and local entrepreneurs can start and register their own company if there are over 18 years of age. Trust me when I say that, company incorporation for Singaporean is a great deal to crack if you are well aware of the few legal requirements.

Setting up company incorporation from heysara app has its great advantages and thus promises with the best-guaranteed results. If you are a person who is willing to set up their own business in Singapore but unaware of the method then the heysara app is surely for you. 

Still, confuse with the reason that why to set up company incorporation from heysara appIf yes, then don’t worry because here we are with the best solution to help you get the confidence and the great outcomes from the comfort of your favourite place.

Starting a business in Singapore becomes one easy task with the heysara app. While the personal information that is required in this procedure are-

  1. A registered rubber stamp
  2. A fixed Singapore bank account
  3. A registered company seal
  4. Share certificates for shareholders that must include all the shareholder’s allocations

While on the other handthe following list of steps are required for setting up company incorporation for Singaporean.

  1. Establish a perfect name for your company- the basic and the prior tip to create a name is to never choose a name of another authority. In cases where your company name found as plagiarised, it will be rejected.
  2. Certificate of incorporation processes- as soon as your name gets approved by the authority, the certificate of incorporation processes take place. Filling the documents may include different forms but trust me, after accurately filling all the forms, the task can be done easily. Where the company incorporation from heysara app promises the best performance within 1-2 hours. Thus, we can say with this app you can get your desired results and can turn your dream business into a reality within a few hours.

Choose the heysara app now and give your dream a chance to be a happy reality.