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What materials are used for Perfume packaging?

Perfume is something that is used by everyone no matter what age, what profession you follow or how often you use perfume. But everybody has used a perfume once in a while. An appealing fragrance is the best thing a person can wear. It indicates their personality. A perfume is not just limited to give you a fragrance; it helps you leave an impression on the person in front of you without saying anything. Packing a perfume can be a crucial task as it is highly flammable and need to be packed nicely. The packaging should be solid enough to hold the perfume without any leakage. That is why a tin or glass bottle is used for the perfume packaging. And a fancy cardboard packaging is used for the outer box. Perfumes are one of the few products that are bought by their packaging. Most of the perfumes are added to the cart just by looking at the packaging.

Perfumes are gifted most often. Even you would have ended up buying a perfume for somebody when you don’t know what to gift someone. A gift should look impressive, that is one of the reasons perfume industries are investing a lot on the packaging of their product. A good quality cardboard along with a good printing makes it catchy. A team of artists is hired to get the best packaging for their product. It is supposed to leave a heavy impression on the customer that they are mesmerized by the packaging and even compromise with the fragrance sometimes. A glass bottle can be used to give it a royal look. A tin bottle is also used to get a solid and classy packaging for the perfume. There are many brands which make sure that the shape of the bottle is up to the mark. Matte finish is used by many brands to make their product look expensive. In case of perfumes, the packaging should look expensive. Modern printing techniques, beautiful patterns, gold foiling and bulging out texts can make the customers go crazy over the packaging. Materials used in packaging are supposed to be of good quality, coz the decoration in the front can never make up for the bad quality material used. Cardboard is considered as an ideal material for packaging because it can be shaped easily and printing is much easier on cardboard. Even the minor details can be printed to make sure that the customer is fully aware of the product he is about to buy. A fancy packaging will always beat every other brand in case of perfumes.

Perfume industries are very profitable as of now. There can be changes in the coming future but even then, packaging will be the most important factor for making the sale.