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The professionalism of an HSO Manager 

Workplace safety &health officer is a qualified individual responsible for controlling and monitoring the health and safety compliance and the rules and regulations related to the organization. The officer potentially promotes awareness for safety among employees in a workplace, prepares safety policies and provides training to the employees on safety and health-related issues, gives advice to the management on associated laws. He or she often maintains the health and safety records of the company. He moreover analyses the data for judgment making process by the management.

A Safety and health officer (HSO) is majorly responsible for-

  • He controls and monitors safety and compliance in the company according to the law and the policy of the company.
  • He gives valuable advice to the management on safety issues as well as developing health and safety policies along with the procedures.
  • He is responsible to carry out security inquiries and inner audits and documents to the management with suggestions.
  • He examines and summaries emergencies and near misses.
  • He ensures all the prophylactic measures, managerial control, and personal protective equipment are carried out and utilized. Moreover, he keeps records of all the safety events, training, and drills.

So, all the tasks are done and taken care of by your HSO manager. Let’s understand the qualifications of these professionals;

  • He has all the basic education and knowledge of environmental health and safety.
  • He has great working knowledge and experience of the environment, safety, and health.
  • He keeps working on the understanding of disaster and security protocols.

A safety risk assessment is a standardized procedure for the identification and management of hazards. It comprises a thorough inspection of the work environment, equipment, and processes to determine any hazard to the health of the workers in the short or the long term and executing treatments.

This safe risk assessment is generally conducted at the starting of a new project when a renovated or new machine or process is to be implemented, the appointment of new employees, receipt of new information, or introduction of new raw materials is to be done. It consists of the following stages-

  • Identification of the risk factor
  • Collection of all related information and analyzing the risk factors of it.
  • To determine, the ideas to remove or reduce its effect by fully eradicating the system or device. And the replacement of the better tool or the procedure is to be done.
  • To make use of the progressive layouts, technology, and physically isolating process by the use of appropriate personal or collective protective equipment.

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