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Assess whether a property has a good orientation! 

Assess whether a property has a good orientation! 

Ever thought about why your home is unusually frigid in winter or hot in summer? The explanation could boil down to orientation. House orientation is when the house is constructed to restrain the natural components comprising seasonal differences. This technique of sedentary design barely gives rise to it on the home shoppers’ checklist and is something susceptible to being missed when examining a property.

But, if accomplished correctly it not only makes your house extra enticing, it will drastically lessen your dependence on heating and chilling systems playing a crucial role in chopping your energy bill.

So, how can a home shopper assess whether a property has a good orientation?

Here is some useful information to get you commenced.

House versus apartment

Maximizing sunshine in any estate is at the prime of the list, nonetheless, your capacity to restrain sunlight differs considerably relying on the kind of property you have.

For houses, informal orientation to grab sunshine from the north is a great suitable because it will provide luminous heat into the house.

Virtually this will behave as passive solar heating in winter, but in summer it is susceptible to painting the northern facades of the house to halt the heat from permeating.

Unless you are buying off the strategy and can select where your unit is located in the skyscraper and where to set the windows, there is a small that you can perform when it appears to natural light.

The gift is that light does not play a crucial part in energy consumption or liveability when in an apartment block.

So, when it appears to orientation in high-rises, the best view is the greatly significant component.


The nicest orientation for your house will rely on the area.

If you are in the north of the nation, reducing radiant heat is your goal. However,

This can be attained by shading the north confronting portions of your house with trees, louvers, and out blinds.


A well-oriented house utilizes its northern side to catch as much sunlight as feasible during the cooler months.

The thing here is to comprehend the sun shifts position in various seasons.

Ideally, it will glow through at an angle of 67 degrees in the summer season, but just 32 degrees in winter.

If you fix your windows on the north side elevated and incorporate overhang shading at a 1:2 ratio, this will provide you secrecy, heat in winter, and shadowing in summer.

It may sound critical and technological but getting the equilibrium right at the outset means the weather in your house will alter less between seasons.

The north side is moreover excellent for stairwells with lots of glass to catch sunlight so your house absorbs as much bright heat as feasible.

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Capturing the warmth

Sunlight can be maximized if it plummets on tough surfaces, extremely the house’s table as well as internal polished concrete or tiled bottoms.

This enables transmitting thermal warmth into the house during cooler night hours, but remember to color these regions in the warmer months.

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