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Advantages of Tengah Garden EC over Secondary Housing

Advantages of Tengah Garden EC over Secondary Housing

At this time, apartments in new buildings enjoy a greater advantage than apartments in the secondary market – competition forces builders to constantly improve products in order to attract buyers. Buyers, as a rule, prefer new buildings, because it is easier for them to redevelop and organize the space to their liking. However, the secondary market gives greater flexibility in choosing a place of residence, since now developers sometimes face a shortage of built-up area in already formed urban areas.

The main disadvantage of used housing is that it does not meet the requirements of most modern real estate buyers. The disadvantages of old houses are as follows:

  • outdated construction technology;
  • outdated architecture;
  • outdated communications;
  • there is no enclosed yard;
  • small kitchens and narrow corridors.

The main advantage of primary housing is that at the start of construction, the cost of the apartment will be cheaper, after construction the assets will increase in price, and even the “new secondary real estate” will be sold at a higher cost.

Advantages of the primary real estate market

The layout of the Tengah Garden EC meets the needs of the buyer, and the apartments themselves have additional advantages, including:

  • spacious bedroom;
  • separate bathroom;
  • loggia;
  • large panoramic windows;
  • attractive area, recreation area, etc.

There is no such variety in the used housing market.

Now energy-saving and frame-monolithic construction technologies are used for comfort class houses. The new building also potentially saves utilities through energy-saving technologies, thereby attracting buyers.

In recent years, people have paid special attention to the safety and comfort of residents, so new buildings are equipped with effective video surveillance and security systems.

So, we can distinguish the following main reasons why the secondary market loses to the primary:

  • Planning and condition of the apartment. In the real estate market, developers offer a large selection of layouts that satisfy any buyer and appropriate good communications.
  • In the courtyard of the old house there is no need to plan as many parking spaces as now, which creates problems for all residents.
  • Safety and comfort.
  • Attractive courtyards, which are equipped with children’s playgrounds and recreation areas.

One of these residential complexes, which corresponds to the above advantages, is Tengah Garden Exclusive Condominium from City Development Limited and MCL Land. The complex includes common areas like gymnasium, outdoor shower, semi covered outdoor dining area, drop off area, circular sculpture, feature screen wall and screen, swimming pool, and pool deck. It combines the latest concepts of construction with maximum conservation of nature and environmental friendliness of the territory, taking into account comfort criteria. Know more about Tengah Garden EC check this page.

Tengah Garden is nestled in the heart of Tengah Town in Tengah Garden Walk. The residential complex is well connected to upcoming MRT stations: Hong Kah MRT station, Tengah MRT station and Tengah plantation MRT station. The close proximity to reputed schools and colleges like River Valley High school, Princess Elizabeth and Shuquri primary School, Dulwich College of Singapore, Lakeside Campus of Canadian International School, makes Tengah EC an ideal choice for future residents. If you are interested in purchasing a luxury condominium for your family, enquire about Tengah Garden EC price by visiting the website.