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The World Health Organization Lists Bacon, Sausage and Ham as Carcinogens

BBC reported today that the World Health Organization add that processed meat products such as bacon, sausages and ham to the list of carcinogens. The World Health Organization reports that the daily consumption of 50 grams of processed meat products will increase the probability of colorectal cancer increased by 18%, in particular for those cancers of endocrine organs such as thyroid cancer and lymphatic cancer. The report also pointed out that there is limited evidence that red meat may cause cancer.

Public hot discuss carcinogen

“Bacon and ham are carcinogens? I’m not good at hearing the news.” 25th, the public Miss James said such words in a her friend circle, their favorite bacon is considered to be the highest degree of cancer of the material, she is still a little difficult to accept.

And Miss James is equally confused with the people, they have said, ham and Bacon is common in daily life, eat hot pot or Western food, and even ordinary bread, there are ham or Bacon, now suddenly said that everyone’s daily consumption of carcinogens, certainly very difficult to accept.

Citizen Mr. Smith said that with the development  of science and technology today, it is possible to find something that didn’t be found in the past, so the ham, bacon and other processed meat products become carcinogenic, he also said to accept, and said he would not eaten them later.

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