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Blade & Soul: Misty Woods World PvP

First, equip a Cerulean Order uniform. The daily quests will then appear on your map. Then, teleport to the Cerulean War Tent windstride point in the Misty Woods. Blackwyrm and the Player Kill quests may require you to find a party.


7 total quests: Wyrm Turner, Crimson Rage, Unlawful Assemblage, No Right for Villains,   Drawing a Line, Soulstone Provider, Supplies and Demand. 10-20 Soulstones, 60-80 bns gold, Faction Contribution Points. If you are Crimson Legion, the steps are the exact same.


Doing these quests requires a faction rank of Private or higher. If you’ve been doing your faction quests while leveling, then you should already be at this rank. If not, then equip your Cerulean Order uniform and scan the world map for red quest markers. Do these quests until you reach Private rank. These quests will only show up if you have the uniform on.


Misty Woods is a World PvP zone. Be aware of enemy players from the other faction when doing these dailies. If you’re getting camped, best to change channels.


For the quests that reward 2 soulstones OR 1 soulstone pouch, I recommend picking the soulstone pouch. For the quest that rewards 4 soulstones OR 1 soulstone pouch, you should always pick the 4 soulstones. The soulstone pouches contain anywhere from 1-3 soulstones, so it’s your choice whether you want to gamble for an extra soulstone. Ultimately, you’ll come out even either way, but it’s more fun to gamble.


One quest involves defeating the world boss Blackwyrm. He is located on the plateau right above the questing area. If you’re on a populated server like Mushin or Poharan, there’s probably already a party fighting him. Takes a lot of time so you may want to skip him

Blackwyrm: You need to do a minimum of 913k damage (1% of his total health) to get loot from him. Doing 1% of his max HP will net you a basic box, but doing around 3% or more will net you the better box. If your weapon isn’t Awakened Siren or better, this may be difficult especially because of how laggy it is trying to render 50+ players all zerging the boss.

Blackwyrm has an AoE roar attack that will do around 25k damage. Have at least this much health so you don’t die immediately.

Blackwyrm is faction tagged, which means only players of the faction that killed the boss will receive loot.

You can die and respawn without worrying about your damage done. Your dealt damage will carry over.

With that said, make sure you DO NOT RELEASE if you die when the boss is killed. Your loot will despawn by the time you make it back. Wait for a rez.

Another one requires you kill 10 high-ranking players in World PvP in the Misty Woods. Also takes a while, and you’re unlikely to finish.

All other quests are gathering/killing NPCs within the area.

Takes about 15 minutes, about 1 hour if you include Blackwyrm + Player kills

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