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Buy new furniture or hire furniture moving company?

Buy new furniture or hire furniture moving company?

It is hard to decide whether you should take your furniture for a move or not. Moving is a complex process and it involves several steps. You also might be unable to decide what you should take along with you and what you must leave behind.

How to decide what should stay or go with you during a move?

There are several things to consider when it comes to decide whether you should ship your furniture or not.

  • Practical value
  • Sentimental value
  • Comfort
  • Color and Style
  • Ease of not picking out new furniture

Decide what piece of furniture you should leave and what you should not bring does not have to be difficult always. It can be a simple process where you just need to get the price quotes from multiple movers of moving house company in Singapore.

Below is mentioned the list of common items that you should consider shipping over a short or moderate distance:

Mattress: Yes, the mattresses quite easier and cheap to ship from one place to another. Since, your body is used to sleep on these mattresses and they are not cheap to buy, you should better get them shipped to your new house. However, before you plan to move anything, it is best to consult cheap local movers.

2. Couches: Yes, you can also ship your couches if you choose cheap shipment services that can wrap and move the items with full security. After all, packing and moving a comfortable couch that lets you sit the way you want is worth the efforts.

3. Washer and dryer: Instead of moving your washer and dryer, that will be disassembled and reassembled to be fitted to a new spot, it is better to let it be there. It will make it easy on the renter, buyer or seller as well as to you! Furthermore, you can buy a new dryer or washer at the same price that you had to pay for transfer over a long haul distance.

4. Dresser and other small furniture: Yes, they are important and easier to move.

5. Dining Room tables and chairs: Buying a new dining table and chair is not a small budget job. There are lot of things and cost associated with buying a new table dining set. Furthermore, you need to find a new dining table that sets in your new house.

6. TV Screen and Set: Since most of the shipping companies fail to provide insurance on TV as there is a high probability that the screen gets damaged and broken during the move, it is worthless to ship your TV screen.

8. Exercise equipment: Well, the answer is very obvious. Unless you have them in large quantity, shipping your exercising equipments is always worthless. You can buy new equipments or purchase second hand items when you arrive at your new house. Make smarter move with selecting the right movables instead of wasting money.