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Which is the best Group Practice in Singapore

One of the most popular and respected group practices in Singapore is arguable, Essex court chambers Duxton. The practice purely operates on a chamber basis. Interestingly, every member of the chamber is fully versed in the areas of banking, financial, and commercial law. For this reason, they are highly professional and allowed to represent the individual as well as any commercial clients in any region of the world.

ESSEX COURT CHAMBERS DUXTON -8Every instruction of the Essex court chamber Duxton is through professional clerks under Joe Ferrigno. Only legitimate directors are allowed to give clerking recommendation continuously. Members of the Essex court chambers close to both Wales and England must often meet before every high court division whereas the junior members are obliged to present themselves in county courts as well as Mercantile courts.

Some of Essex court chamber’s most learned and experiences advocates include.

Colin Liew

Colin is an alumnus of University of Oxford, where he acquired a First class honor in Jurisprudence in 2009. He has bagged several awards in the course of his career, notably: Martin Wronker prize in 2009, All souls prize in the best performance in public international law the same year, Norton Rose prize for Best performance in company law, Latner prize for first-year law student among other awards.

Liew’s areas of expertise are trust, corporate law, civil fraud, and assets recovery, international commercial arbitration, commercial dispute resolution, and conflict laws and private international law. The advocate has many publications to his name such as A Leap of Good Faith, Sins of the Father, keeping it Spick and Spandeck, Legal Professional Privilege to mention but a few. What an outstanding Essex court chamber Duxton advocate he is!

Tham Lijing

Tham is a former student of the University of Oxford, where he pursued a BA in Jurisprudence and graduated with First Class Honors a decade ago. A year later he acquired a BCL (Distinction) from the college. That’s not all; the Essex court chamber Duxton advocate has won many awards in his career such as Lovell’s prize, Essex St prize for best performance, etc…

He has made multiple publications including Access to Counsel, Missing Witness, Implied Term of Mutual Trust and Confidence, Fair play and Match Fixing, The Curious Case of Drug and Rule Against Apparent Action.

Chan Leng Sun SC

Sun is one of the senior-most Supreme courts of Singapore’s counsel as well as the assistant chairman of Singapore International Arbitration Center. The advocate studied Bachelor of Laws at the University of Malaya and scooped First Class Honors in 1988. Two years after he graduated with Masters in Law from the prestigious University of Cambridge.

Sun is a happy recipient of several awards like Honorary Shell Scholar, Kuok Foundation Scholar, and Pegasus Cambridge Scholar. His areas of expertise are Contract law, Engineering and construction, Arbitration and related court applications, Economic Torts and Multi-jurisdictional Fraud company Law, Shipping and admiralty among more. He has authored books like Singapore Law on Arbitral Awards and Conflict of Laws in Arbitration.

Leng currently serves as a valued member of the ICC Commission on Arbitration of Baker McKenzie. Essex court chamber Duxton must be really proud to have him as one of their advocates.